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This LVT mistake could cost you thousands

How do you save money when it comes to installing LVT? Gill Finch has the answer…

IF you’re a retailer, e-tailer, an architect or interior designer, fitter or contractor – whether you’re refurbishing a home or commercial premises or even a school or university, this advice could save you a heap of headaches and a ton of money.

If you’re in the hospitality trade, whether you’re a bar or restaurant, café or club, hotel, or wedding venue, it could be the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Many folk make this fundamental LVT flooring mistake, they fail to protect their investment. Because vinyl flooring is like your favourite vinyl records, one scratch and there’s no going back. Even the best and hardwearing vinyl can get scratched, scraped, or scarred in a second, no matter how expensive.

Damage can happen in a flash when installing flooring or furniture. Damage can happen when moving furniture around because of cleaning, a refurbishment, or reconfiguring a room layout for an event. And damage can happen every day from stiletto heels and from chairs scraping back and forth. It’s so easy to happen and so easy to prevent.

The hidden costs of LVT damage – if you don’t act before you scratch, watch out
You could bear the brunt of health and safety trip issues for the damaged flooring, angry customers, an even angrier boss, profits wiped out, extra paperwork, repair hassles, delays to your next job; plus, the excess to pay and hikes in next year’s insurance premiums. That’s a whole heap of problems that could be avoided with simple, low-cost protection.

Flooring protection from 1p
Safeguard your floor, your furniture, your back, and your business. The trade and customers invest a fortune in quality vinyl flooring and fine furniture, so it makes sense to spend a few pence protecting it and creating genuine customer goodwill.

It’s a no-brainer, where businesses can save thousands in repairs, but some protection products cost as little as 1p. For the LVT trade, there are three main protection solutions, self-adhesive felt, quick-click glides and move-it pads.

Self-adhesive felt
A short-term anti-scratch solution to cushion flooring from heavy furniture. It comes in 15-75mm circles, oblong, L-shape, or on rolls for as little as 1p each. It also protects furniture legs and your ears from chair scraping. You can get them up to a hefty 5mm thick felt to give you better protection. Plus, they’ve a strong adhesive, so when it’s stuck on, it stays in place.

Quickclick glides
With one interchangeable click-in glide system, it protects four types of flooring: vinyl, carpet, wood/ laminate, tiled floors, and there’s an anti-slip version. So, if any furniture needs moving to a room with different flooring, a protection glide for that floor type can be just clicked in. Quickclick also protects ears, reducing noise by up to 75%.

Move-it pads
Whenever you have to shift heavy furniture, you want to protect your vinyl flooring. Move-it Pads are the answer for the flooring trade and customers at home. Move-it Pads are a temporary, re-usable solution so heavy furniture slides like ice across carpet and hard floors, and there’s a special self-adhesive felt option for vinyl flooring.

So, the next time you’re thinking about LVT, think about how you can protect your flooring, furniture, back and your business with protection.
Gill Finch is managing director of Stroolmount

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