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Using technology to convert more sales

Richard Davison explains the benefits of technology for businesses.

FOCUSING on a more accelerated pace of work becomes crucial this year, considering the potential challenges 2024 may bring to the flooring industry. Global instability has led to supply chain complications, compounded by domestic economic factors that could impact confidence in commercial construction and the domestic property market. Retailers, contractors, and independent trades may approach this year with a sense of caution.

However, there’s an opportunity in this uncertainty – a chance to adopt a strategic mindset that ensures continued workflow while mitigating risks. This strategic approach extends beyond the work itself, encompassing the selection of floor coverings and partnerships with brands. With projects potentially cropping up on shorter notice, tighter deadlines, and unforeseen delays giving way to sudden rushes, it becomes imperative to secure wins based on swift turnaround times, providing customers with precisely what they need precisely when they need it.

In this fast-paced environment, leveraging technology can serve as a crucial differentiator, offering you a competitive edge. It’s essential to set high expectations for manufacturers in terms of how they support your endeavours. Whether it’s streamlining supply chains, offering innovative product solutions, or providing efficient communication channels, technology-enabled solutions can help you navigate the challenges of 2024 and emerge stronger than ever.

When deliberating on the ideal floor covering for any project, it’s natural for me to highlight the advantages of LVT flooring, as it stands out as a top choice, especially for time-sensitive endeavours. The precision-based technology utilised in its manufacturing ensures impeccable accuracy throughout production, making installation a seamless process.

Moreover, the continuous advancements in subfloor options compatible with LVT add to its allure, offering unparalleled versatility. Whether it’s utilising levelling compounds tailored for various requirements or opting for floating subfloor alternatives, LVT remains unhindered by constraints.

What’s more, the availability of click-fit solutions presents an enticing opportunity to circumvent adhesive usage, fostering an environment where multiple trades can collaborate simultaneously on-site. This not only streamlines the installation process but also enhances efficiency and convenience, further solidifying LVTs position as a go-to solution for projects of any scale or timeframe.

Incorporating technology into your sales pitch is essential, and visualisers stand out as indispensable tools, particularly in augmented reality marketing. These tools provide an instant, immersive experience, allowing customers to visualise different flooring options in their space in real-time. From browsing through colour and range options to adjusting fitting patterns and angles, visualisers empower customers to explore various possibilities from multiple angles in a room. With precise colour representation and accurate plank or tile proportions, visualiser technology ensures an accurate depiction of the final look, helping customers overcome indecision and swiftly moving from opportunity to sale.

In addition to visualisers, leveraging social media is another powerful technological tool for building consumer confidence. By showcasing your own work and sharing real project examples along with testimonials from satisfied customers, you establish instant credibility and trust in your expertise. Combining your social media presence with trusted brands further reinforces your reputation and addresses any questions or concerns customers may have regarding product quality or installation expertise. This integrated approach not only enhances your sales pitch but also strengthens your brand presence and fosters lasting customer relationships.

Trade portals present an invaluable opportunity to enhance your sales pitch by providing immediate access to stock checks in-store and on-the-go. This real-time visibility into live stock details empowers you to offer customers precise information on colours and delivery schedules, instilling confidence and trust in your services. With the convenience of being able to place orders on the spot and confirm delivery details with customers, trade portals streamline the entire sales process, ensuring supreme efficiency.

However, the success of leveraging this technology heavily depends on the infrastructure of the brand you’re partnering with. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both parties need to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. At Brampton Chase for example, we prioritise investing in our infrastructure, particularly in order and stock control systems, enabling rapid picking and next-day delivery. We recognise facilitating speed in sales tactics requires us to provide services enhanced through technology, which is equally crucial to maintaining reliable stock levels.

By aligning our efforts with our customers’ needs and leveraging technology to optimise service delivery, we ensure a seamless experience that strengthens our partnerships and drives mutual success, which is great for everyone.
Richard Davison is brand development manager at Brampton Chase

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