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What are the benefits of having your own showroom?

We pride ourselves on offering a personal and tailored service to all our clients, whatever channel they come to us through, whether it’s over the phone, by email or in person. Having a showroom perfectly complements this service, providing a relaxed ‘open-kitchen’ style environment for clients to speak face to face with our team, and even get behind-the-scenes with a tour of our facilities and production processes, if desired.

Fully fitted out with hundreds of square metres of our products on the floors, walls and ceilings, along with our display boards, the showroom is the perfect place to inspire our clients, while also enabling them to see and even feel the quality of our products first hand. Clients can see all the options side-by-side to easily compare them and gain a fuller understanding of the products. Our showroom sample boards are bigger than we could ever send in the post. What can be lost is one of our key differentiators from other suppliers which is the supply of long lengths of timber – the ability to compare large samples and laid flooring is invaluable when the time comes for final decisions to be made on large areas of flooring.

As visitors meet the team, putting names to faces, they gain experience of who we are as a company. This helps to build trust with clients and to nurture long-term relationships.
Ian Tomlinson, managing director

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