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What is the key to installing a spectacular sports floor?

The key to a spectacular sports floor depends on who you ask. With many stakeholders involved in a project, there’ll always be a need for some form of compromise, but did you know that with an Olympic pedigree indoor sports surface you can satisfy more people with minimal compromise? The most important aspect to appreciate is that a sports specification, depending on the location and its use, is where misinformation can be more common, and misspecification can and does happen.
The appearance of the floor is key, but we all need to be realistic when it comes to the performance of that surface. Unless you’re installing for an NBA club, you’re highly unlikely to choose this type of floor, as the maintenance bill will truly make your eyes water.

It’s critical to understand who is going to use the floor and how they are going to use the floor – sometimes it’s about sport and sometimes it’s a lot more… Non-sporting activity such as dining, and exams can also be a driver in the specification. Let’s also not forget that the most important criteria is about the safety and comfort of its users – regardless of their age and ability. What does the surface do for users if they play for lengthy periods? How does the surface perform and protect if someone falls and hits their head?

Sports specification isn’t as straightforward as some people think. It’s always best to seek advice from a sports specialist so the right flooring specification can be made. And finally, let’s remember that the investment in a sports floor is a long-term investment, whether it’s for a leisure facility or an education location such as a school or university, the whole life costs need to be considered, as the ongoing maintenance costs must be financially viable and support the future generations to come so that they too can exercise and play and reap the rewards from a high performance sports indoor surface.

David Carter, national sales manager – sports flooring

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