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When should contractors use glue-less click flooring?

Glue-less click flooring is suitable for many types of installations, especially refurbs and on jobs where speed is of the essence, since subfloor preparation is dramatically reduced. Glue-less click flooring should typically be considered for projects where any of the following requirements apply:

  • Speedy installation since installation can be up to twice as fast. No wet trades are involved and no requirement for adhesives, so there’s no drying out time.
  • Retrofitting or refurbishing an existing building
  • Where the subfloor isn’t suitable for glued-down installation
  • Where a clean environmentally friendly installation is required
  • Where the installer wants to take advantage of the simple, effective click installation system. No need to worry about using the right amount of glue or spillages.
  • Where future dismantling is a possibility or where individual planks may require to be replaced in the future
  • Where there isn’t excessive humidity, as in bathrooms and saunas, if wood products are being used. However click SPC products (stone plastic composite) are often used in bathrooms
  • A need for versatility, since glue-less click systems can be installed as a glued-down floor, if the situation requires it.

Simon Darbyshire, managing director

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