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Why LVTs are a versatile solution

Craig Tornhill explains no matter the project requirements or subfloor condition, there are solutions available for all applications regarding LVT.

LVT flooring has remained an ever-present favourite on the market and thanks to technological advancements has become more cutting-edge, not only in its design, but also in the way in which it can be utilised. The modular format also means tiles can easily be stored on site prior to and during installation and waste is reduced compared to sheet.

A large part of LVTs appeal, is the ability to mimic almost any natural stone or wood flooring, offering the aesthetic appeal, without the added installation, or cleaning and maintenance costs associated. Additionally, with modern day wear layers, LVT floor coverings are now more resilient, leading to longer service lives and lower maintenance costs. These factors makes LVT floor coverings an incredibly versatile solution for contractors looking for a product that serves various needs for their customers.

In multi-storey buildings, such as offices, private rental housing, or student accommodation, designing good acoustics is important. In fact, stopping impact sound from travelling through the floor is a key factor to consider, to improve the wellbeing of those using the spaces and support concentration, productivity, and collaboration in workspaces.

Forbo’s Allura Decibel does just this, offering 19dB impact sound reduction, while being available in 49 contemporary colourways, which is split between two ranges: woods, and stones and materials, offering your customers a range of designs to choose from. Not only this, but it’s easy to remove the planks at the end of their lifetime for recycling or reuse, reducing the environmental impact of an installation.

Raised access flooring
Many office spaces have raised access flooring, which means the flooring options available need to allow for access underneath the panels, but these solutions can be limited. However, there are contemporary LVT floor coverings suitable for raised access floors, making them ideal for workspaces, allowing access to wiring and cable underneath without compromising on aesthetics.

Forbo’s Allura Flex collection can be installed adhesive free onto raised access flooring in areas up to 150sq m for example. For spaces larger than this, adhesive free installation is still possible using IOBAC MagTabs. Reducing the cost of waste and installation, the MagTabs utilise a dry tack on one side and magnetism on the other to provide a two-dimensional grip, locking the flooring in place. Additionally, the properties of Allura Flex mean it can be laid directly onto raised access flooring without the worry of the lines showing through.

Creating integrated flooring schemes
The Allura Flex range can be combined with Forbo’s Tessera and Flotex carpet tiles and planks, without the need for transition strips, helping you to create integrated flooring schemes with ease. This can be especially useful for projects where your customer may want to create different zones in one space, such as breakout areas, meeting spaces and communal areas.

The specialist solution for damaged subfloors
Of course, there will be some jobs that require a more specialist product; this could be because of a damaged subfloor, or the need for a quick turnaround. Whatever it may be, Forbo’s adhesive free Allura Puzzle is an example of a suitable choice. Capable of being fitted into spaces as big as 2,000sq m without the need for transition or expansion strips, Allura Puzzle can cut over 50% of installation time, enabling projects to be turned around faster, especially useful for schools or hospitals where time is limited. What’s more, owing to the heavy-duty nature of the product, as well as its stable connection, it provides ideal dimensional stability.

Wide range of designs
As mentioned previously, one of the reasons LVT floor coverings have remained so popular is the sheer amount of design options available to choose from. Forbo’s Allura is no different, with its Dryback range containing 90 designs across two different design collections: wood and material. From the classic hardwood look of Light Honey Oak, to Magical Sky, there’s a colourway suitable for all interior design schemes.
Craig Thornhill is technical services manager at Forbo Flooring Systems

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