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Hultafors | ‘A cut above the rest’

HULTAFORS has introduced new knives and hand axes for craftsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

Robustness, quality and long-lasting sharpness are said to be the hallmarks of these products. With a selection of toughened, corrosion-proof heavy duty knives, safety knives, chisel knives and utility knives for general purpose tasks on site, there’s also precision products for electricians, plumbers and painters.

The latest additions to the range are the outdoor knives for tougher tasks on-site or for those who need a cutting-edge companion out in the bush.

They’re all said to be ergonomically designed with comfortable, secure grips and, made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability, effectiveness and to withstand corrosion.
Hultafors hand axes for felling, carpentry and trekking activities are all hand-forged with dense, steel heads and hickory handles.

They’re all claimed to be top quality products, highly durable – suitable for small-scale felling, lopping branches or clearing bushes and brushwood.
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