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Hultafors | New range of ‘snap-off’ knives

PRECISION, quality and long-lasting sharpness are claimed to be the hallmarks of HULTAFORS TOOLS new range of ‘Snap-Off’ Knives for professional craftsmen and women. ‘With 13 different knives and four long-lasting precision blades, these all-round, ergonomic knives are designed and built to suit a range of jobs onsite,’ says the company.

‘From industrial and warehouse applications to specialist work onsite – from cutting boxes open and shaping plasterboard, to trimming flooring and paring cables.

‘Symmetrically designed so the blades can turned over, they’re adaptable for left- and right-hand use so left-handed craftsmen and women can adapt the knife rather than their own usage.

 ‘What’s more, the blades are available in three widths of 9, 18, and 25mm, with different blends of sharpness and long-life built in to suit regular hard work onsite.’
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