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Dynamic Business Services, Leeds


Contacted by Dynamic, iKoustic was brought in to help design and implement our range of Sound Absorption materials to improve the internal sound quality of the room by reducing the great reverberation levels.

As an open-truss space, it created a high and airy environment – it’s beautiful exposed beams would need to be kept as part of the building’s interior image. 

Control of lighting was also a key factor through the additional use of the room in filming; we have included our bespoke option for this in our solutions below.

Dynamic provides e-learning, application design and development to their customers and intend to use this room as a multi-media space, using it to carry out audio/visual work for their customers in the way of filmography – you can read more about what they do here:  http://dynamicbusiness.co.uk/what-we-do.php.

The room featured a carpet tile flooring with the rest of the walls and pitched ceiling area constructed of dense, hard and reflective materials that cause a long reverberation time to appear in a room, especially of this size.

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