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InstaFloor is an InstaGroup company. Together, we develop leading products and services that save energy, improve buildings, reduce fuel use, and cut carbon emissions.

Within our comprehensive portfolio, you’ll find an array of eco-friendly solutions ranging from, self-adhesive acoustic underlays and magnetic flooring to specialised sports flooring, gym flooring, free weights acoustic subfloors, and sprung floors. Our unwavering commitment to innovation drives us forward, shaping the future of the flooring industry.

At InstaFloor, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and efficient built environment.

Furthermore, InstaGroup are experts beyond flooring, offering high-performance acoustic systems, insulation solutions, and renewable energy options like solar power.


Our unique self-adhesive acoustic underlay is transforming the way floors are installed. InstaLay makes installation quick, clean and easy, and gives you a floor that’s immediately ready to walk on. InstaLay saves time and money on flooring installations.

Adhesive-Free Flooring

Ezy-install and MagnaLay are our visionary magnetic flooring systems, developed in partnership with IOBAC. With no wet adhesives, no contamination and no drying time, our magnetic underlays are the future of flooring.


Sports and gym flooring designed for durability, safety, and resilience. Our sports cradle system is guaranteed to absorb and withstand the repeated impacts, shocks and knocks of high energy activity for an impressive 60 years.

Gym flooring

Our gym flooring range offers systems that suit every activity. Our robust and hardwearing products include rubber gym mats, weight mats and acoustic sub-floors for commercial gyms, sports clubs and home gyms.



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