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Office expansion calls for sustainable refurbishment approach

FORBO Flooring Systems’ Marmoleum was the product of choice for a creative breakout space at investment management firm, Triple Point.

With its growing headcount, Triple Point appointed AW Spaces to create an environment that could accommodate the company’s hybrid working strategy, while developing a light and warm aesthetic.
Founded in 2004, Triple Point employ 215 people and manage over £2.7bn of private, institutional and public capital across five distinct investment strategies: social housing, energy, digital infrastructure, private credit, and venture.

Each of these strategies helps solve a problem society faces, and each one creates opportunities for investors.

With the company’s increased headcount and the new hybrid working strategy, AW Spaces suggested increasing the size of the breakout area available to employees. The aim was to make this area feel different from the working environment, by incorporating warmer colours with a dynamic flooring design.

Another important aspect for this project was the environmental impact. Lisa McLeod, design director at AW Spaces spoke on this, saying: ‘Sustainability was a big part of Triple Point’s brief. As such, when it came to choosing a floorcovering for the space, the sustainability aspect led us to look at products such as Forbo’s Marmoleum.

‘After discussing the sustainable flooring with Triple Point, where I also sent them a concept image of a design, we decided it was the perfect solution. Not only did Marmoleum fit the sustainability requirements, but it’s also available in a variety of contemporary designs that match in tone with each other, which allowed us to create a very dynamic space. Additionally, it’s a really nice material to work with, which aided the installation process.’

Forbo’s Marmoleum was specified in Terracotta, Titanium and Vintage Blue from the Marmoleum Walton range, and in Neptune Blue from Marmoleum Piano. Lisa commented on these choices, saying: ‘We chose these colours as they work beautifully together and coordinated with the joinery so it looked as though those elements rise from the ground. We also really liked the warmth of the Terracotta colourway and the brightness of Neptune Blue, which provided some contrast from each other without looking disjointed from the joinery they connected to.

‘The choice of colours really helped us to convey the feeling this space was for relaxation rather than work, with the colours flowing into one another nicely.’

This refurbishment wasn’t like a typical installation as there were multiple different colourways which had to be combined in different shapes. As opposed to a typical refurbishment where tiles or sheet flooring is laid; this flooring had to be cut into shape in situ. The finished flooring mixes curved edges with sharp points, with all four colourways meeting towards the middle of the floor then flowing out at different angles around the room.

Lisa continued: ‘The pattern was quite complex, so Forbo recommended an installer called Medifloor to us who could take on this challenge. We had worked with them on a couple of occasions before, so we knew they had the credentials, and they did a fantastic job with pinpoint accuracy.

‘We’re absolutely delighted with the finished result and I’d say the breakout space remains my favourite part of the entire project.’

With a unique installation, a specialist approach had to be taken by installers, Medifloor. Jim Gordon, the director of Medifloor, spoke on this, saying: ‘AW Spaces gave us this amazing design for Triple Point, which was extremely challenging to create with all the different curvatures. So, to achieve it we actually used computer aided templates which allowed us to cut the perfect curve – something that’s really hard to achieve in flooring.

‘Forbo’s Marmoleum Walton was perfect for this, as it’s the only sheet flooring that lends itself to the natural materials used in this project and looks amazing when finished.’

With this method, a creative and dynamic flooring solution was created. With the installation starting in July 2022, Triple Point’s office refurbishment was finished in mid-September 2022 and has been well received by the staff who use it.

Luke Francois, guest and employee experience manager at Triple Point, concluded: ‘We asked AW Spaces to create a bright and inviting space, with a focus on using sustainable products and services, and Forbo’s Marmoleum ticked all the boxes for this. We’re happy with the end product delivered by AW, Medifloor and Forbo.’

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