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Interface’s modular flooring offers colours, patterns and textures

Interface’s modular flooring products offer a choice of colours, patterns, textures and formats to help create and adapt these spaces. The beauty of modular flooring is building owners can meet the current changing needs of end-users because the system is based on interchangeable components, which are easy to reconfigure.

However, creating multi-functional areas doesn’t come without its challenges. These projects can seemingly require a number of products from different manufacturers. This can lead to compatibility issues, additional costs and increased project lead times. So, when it comes to choosing products, it can be much simpler for installers working for universities to offer more innovative flooring solutions which give their customers a variety of performance benefits from acoustics to sustainability credentials and come from a single supplier.

This is why Interface designs all of its products with multifunctionality in mind, combining beautiful design with durability at no extra cost or complication for customers. Interface’s carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) work perfectly together without transition strips, connectors or bridges. Plus, you can combine 50x50cm squares and 100x25cm Skinny Planks, further enhancing options when it comes to design.

The importance of a good cleaning routine
So, you’ve created a space that fits the needs of students, but how can you support estates teams in keeping them clean and well maintained at a time when hygiene is top of the list of priorities?
Whereas, in the past it might have been enough to make sure surfaces were vacuumed, swept or mopped based on foot traffic or dirt, daily cleaning is now expected for carpeted areas. This means thorough cleaning using a vacuum along with regular spot cleaning and stain treatment.

It is vital that you support your customers to help carry out effective cleaning and maintenance. By creating a maintenance routine which includes interim and restorative cleaning methods along with daily cleaning, customers can be assured their spaces are completely hygienic and well maintained. To help you communicate these routines to customers, we’ve created detailed maintenance guides with helpful advice on approved techniques and solutions for all flooring types including carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber flooring.

As universities support the return of students, creating a practical, flexible and inviting environment for everyone will continue to be a top priority. Installers can help their customers across the education sector by providing them with a range of versatile products which support their varying needs. Going one step further, they can add value by providing them with easy to understand cleaning and maintenance strategies to ensure a clean, safe and productive environment for incoming students.

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