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SONIXX at The Flooring Show (Stand B53)

Visit the Sonixx stand to see how our range of acoustic products provide specifiers high performing acoustic solutions that incorporate noise reduction directly into the floor at construction stage.

As a market leader in the industry, Interfloor identified the need for reliable and hardwearing acoustic solutions that could be built directly into shared occupancy spaces, such as apartments and hotels, where sound can travel across multiple levels. This led to the creation of Sonixx – a specialist range of solutions that aims to improve acoustics at construction level. Sonixx provides a variety of high-specification acoustic underlayment to suit a number of commercial applications, from healthcare and hospitality to schools and multi-family housing.

The Sonixx products have been engineered by experts to deliver superior performance and can remain in situ for decades. Easy to install, they offer noise reduction in excess of UK building regulations and, by incorporating Sonixx products into new developments, architects can promote a higher standard of living for the end user.

As the most versatile solution in the Sonixx range, Resilient 250 can be used with carpet, natural floors and stone tile floorings. It reduces impact sound by acting as an acoustic resilient layer installed beneath floor coverings. Using a durable sponge rubber design, it provides excellent resistance to foot traffic and will not deteriorate or collapse over time. For laminates, solid wood and carpet tiles, Sound-sure 400 provides outstanding results. Its recycled rubber crumb design provides stability, durability, and practical noise insulation, all the while offering superb underfoot comfort.

Soundsure 560 offers an effective option as an under screed resilient layer and can be used as an alternative to Robust Details. It isolates floor screeds from the main building structure to vastly improve impact and airborne sound performance.

The Sonixx Rubber Crumb cradle and batten system can be used as an alternative to a screed over a resilient layer. This dry solution also provides outstanding acoustic insulation. It creates a level raised floor that can accommodate underfloor heating solutions, and is so durable it comes with a 60 year guarantee. The cradles are adaptive, eco-friendly and used extensively in new build, refurbishment and conversion projects. This versatile system provides quick and precise on-site levelling to achieve a wide range of finished floor heights, both internally and externally.

Proudly made to exacting standards, many of the products in the Sonixx range are made from recycled materials to give developers and architects access to sustainably made acoustic solutions.

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