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Bamboo vs Aluminium: The look you want with the performance you need

Following the launch of our Wood Effect product range, we thought we’d explore its benefits.

Of course, we already love it – but it’s up to you to make up your own mind! Our product combines all the wood-like aesthetic qualities of bamboo, with the functional and environmental benefits of recycled aluminium. Our Wood Effect entrance matting product is available with our INTRAform DM Low Profile Entrance Matting. This and eight of our other products now have EPDs available as we continue to prove our commitment to sustainability. Don’t forget to view our full range of EPDs here.

Aesthetic Illusion

Our Wood Effect product mixes the best of both worlds. Bamboo is a beautiful material to use to give any environment a rustic and real wood feel. Having been used as a building material for thousands of years – many historic feats of architecture have been achieved with bamboo. The smooth wood finish achieves a subtle yet beautiful end product. It’s also an incredibly versatile material with the ability to create classic, traditional products as well as some truly innovative and modern-looking designs. Its delicate and unique qualities lend themselves perfectly to creating some stunning features.

But should it really be used for Entrance Matting?

Well, the short answer is no! Bamboo will bend and warp over time and exposure to moisture causes further defects, such as mould build-up and discolouration. With the added pressure of people walking all over it every day, the material doesn’t stand a chance. In our professional opinion, it isn’t fit for purpose.

Which is why we changed our product to look like bamboo – but manufactured from a more durable recycled aluminium.

Beautiful, Durable, Functional

Given that bamboo is no match for the wear and tear that Entrance Matting has to endure, recycled aluminium is the natural choice. Although it looks like bamboo, the 100% recycled aluminium is vastly more durable (and sustainable) than the real thing. The metal can withstand far greater forces than bamboo – A claim we back up with our 10-year warranty.

A sustainable Alternative

As beautiful as bamboo looks, it can be significantly damaging to the environment when used as a building material. Despite it being a naturally renewable source – the chemical processing involved in preparing it for construction does do some harm to the environment and the communities near production sites. Also, the CO2 emissions released by importing bamboo make it less sustainable than you might think.

Despite being more renewable than other sources of wood, it can still cause damage to the surrounding environment through harmful production processes and the removal of natural habitats for various indigenous species. The Chemical processing that bamboo undergoes can be extremely harmful for the environment and surrounding communities, not to mention the carbon cost of importing such a product.

At INTRAsystems, we want to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible – which is why, in our opinion, the fully-recycled aluminium is a far better choice from a sustainability standpoint as well as a functional one.

If you’d like to know more about our Wood Effect product option, visit our INTRAform DM Low Profile page on our website and download our product brochure.

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