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Entrance Matting CPD, RIBA Updates and How INTRA Can Help

Following the news from RIBA about the changes to their CPD requirements, we quizzed Aaron Dixon to explain the updates. And he shares how INTRAsystems can help with Entrance Matting CPD.

RIBA has changed things up for their CPD requirements in 2024. What’s happening to RIBA Learning Points?

So yes, the biggest change is that learning points are gone. Now they’re asking architects to reflect on their activity instead. RIBA has updated the RIBA online CPD recording tool to include the reflection activity instead of points. You can detail what you’ve learned, the core categories and duration, so it updates your progress on the dashboard. And that leads to the other key update – they’re changing the way they’ll check everyone’s complying.

What’s the new way RIBA will check CPD compliance?

Previously, RIBA used to do spot checks on a random selection of members to ensure compliance with the CPD requirements for RIBA membership. Now, they will audit every member. But they have introduced exceptions for members with long-term illness, parental, carer or adoption leave.

And what do members need to do now, to comply?

RIBA members still have to complete over 35 hours of learning and development. And that includes at least two hours on each of the 10 mandatory Core Curriculum topics.

Everything needs to be recorded on your online record. It’s important this is updated regularly with what you’ve done and make a note of the areas you still need to work on.

Has RIBA changed the way members can access and complete CPD?

No, it’s still flexible, so you can learn in a way that suits your style, sector or specialism. Half of your total hours should be structured. While self-led learning is helpful, it’s best to mix it with accredited courses or training sessions, either in person or online. You can do it the best way for you, as long as you demonstrate you’re meeting RIBA’s professional standards of CPD:

to stay up to date, competent, professional, capable and resilient as an architect, [while] also enabling you to learn new skills and specialisms.


Does that mean the CPD training INTRAsystems offers is still valid?

Yes. We’re part of RIBA’s CPD Providers Network. Both our accredited CPD seminar and Entrance Matting Masterclass cover RIBA Core Curriculum topics. You won’t get the learning points as before, but you can still boost your CPD hours. Plus, you become an expert on all things Entrance Matting!

What ways do INTRAsystems support RIBA CPD?

We work closely with architects, designers and specifiers to educate and excite them about Entrance Matting. Plus, the important role and huge aesthetic potential Entrance Matting has in any building.

Our on-demand Masterclass is available 24/7, 365, so it’s an easy one to add to your CPD profile.

We also have a one-hour interactive course which we deliver online or face-to-face. Each option covers three RIBA Core topics:

  • Design, Construction and Technology
  • Health, Safety and Well-being, and
  • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance.

We look at everything from the different types of Entrance Matting, to Safety Health & Environment (SHE), compliance legislation, best practice, and performance ratings. And then we explore the design potential and innovation, providing you with samples and inspiration.

We also offer training about Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), what they are, and the process involved. And critically, how to understand the data so you can choose the best product for each project. Use the bespoke training link below to talk to us about this.

How to boost your CPD profile with INTRA:

🎥Access our on-demand CPD video seminar

🤝Book a standard, RIBA-approved CPD course for your team, or

✏️ Ask about bespoke training

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