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Founded in 1860, Campari has a rich history of producing premium Italian bitter liqueur with a striking red colour.

For more than 160 years, the company has brought design and innovation to the world of spirits. Campari has pushed the boundaries of creativity to go beyond the norm, expertly combining creative design with premium taste.

With such a historically founded emphasis on design, we knew that the Entrance Matting for their London office had to be as eye-catching as the drink itself!

The Product

To truly capture the creativity of this iconic Italian brand, we specified our INTRAdisc product with the INTRAlux Elite 601 Red fibre insert. As one of our most innovative product designs, this was the perfect choice to create a striking first impression. The offices, complete with a bar-themed reception area needed more than a simple entrance mat! INTRAdisc offered a unique opportunity to implement abstract design into a functional product installation. And as the area received relatively low footfall, there was more scope to get creative.

The combination of our stainless steel discs with red fibre inserts perfectly matched the bar’s colour scheme and design vision – creatively capturing the soul of the brand as you walk through the door.

Functionality is a key consideration with all our products. For low footfall areas like the Campari office, whilst the architect had the opportunity to make creative design the priority, the INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts are also highly effective at quickly brushing away dirt brought. Aside from reducing cleaning costs, this also ensures that the office and flooring beyond remains in pristine condition, even when the Italian sunshine is swapped for the rainy days of London!

Why INTRA was specified for Campari

As specialists in entrance matting, INTRA’s unique disc shaped product allowed maximum creative potential. The circle design and ruby red fibre allowed a perfect expression of the brand’s innovative history from the moment any visitor walks in.

There is nothing else quite like INTRAdisc on the market. This circular product, available with or without a flange opens up a world of design options that aren’t possible with standard Entrance Matting products. Offering a variety of finishes, colours and inserts – INTRAdisc allows architects and designers to bring every element of the foyer into their aesthetic vision.

Flexible, stand-out design capabilities with outstanding customer service and easy installation – that’s why INTRAsystems was specified for the Campari project!

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