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Get specifications right first time

Save time and confusion with INTRA’s new NBS Chorus spec writing service

INTRAsystems has launched a specification writing service to help you complete your Entrance Matting specifications on NBS Chorus. The cloud-based specification system is an industry game-changer, but whether you’re a tech whizz or tech adverse, there can be a lot to learn. Regardless of project size, the amount of detail required for each product can be vast.

But our customer support team is now on hand to eliminate your spec-writing frustration and make sure your entrance matting, ceiling and grille specifications get nailed first time so you don’t have to think of them again!

Copy/ paste specs are quick but are they right?

Copy/paste specifications won’t guarantee you have the right product for the environment. And there are often new product innovations and improved sustainability features that are definitely worth considering. So, whether it’s how to get the most from the software or narrowing down product detail, we can help in whichever capacity you prefer. You can add us to your project on NBS Chorus, we can write and share the specification so you can just import it, or we’ll talk you through step-by-step on a screen share call.

Picking product variants from a dropdown?

INTRAsystems offer a wide variety of systems, insert types, colours, finishes and accessories, so picking the right variant for your scheme may seem overwhelming in NBS Chorus. Not all combinations are ‘possible’, so we work with you to ensure what you’re specifying is replicable and practical. We don’t want you to choose a premium, outdoor system with interior fibres for example!

As Aaron Dixon, Specification consultant, comments:

“NBS Chorus is wonderfully detailed and allows granular level specification, but we do see some specifications come through that are too vague, inadequate for the project or even impossible to manufacture! We want to make it easier for everyone to achieve success on platform, so we’re now doing all we can to support architects, designers and specifiers along the way.”

Got a unique design idea for your foyer?

If you have that extra special customisation request, we can check and supply all the information for that too. For any project, we will establish your exact requirements and find the best specification for the job – encompassing impressive design, sustainability and performance.

Once you have a complete NBS Chorus specification, with the correct combination of products and accessories, you can access the latest performance and environmental details. Whether you’re comparing products or need to fulfil BREAMM or WELL criteria, the system can help you establish the most sustainable option.

Working closely with architects, interior designers and specifiers INTRA help turn an undervalued, pedestrian necessity into a design-led feature that integrates with many other elements in the space.

Did you know?

8 of the top 10 AJ100 architects now regularly specify INTRAsystems Entrance Matting products. Our products can enhance and protect your flooring and entrance lobby design scheme, to deliver a wow factor for years to come. But the first step is getting the specification right. So, let us walk you through the process on NBS Chorus.

Talk to us about your next project 💬

We’d be delighted to help you with NBS Chorus or any specification writing needs that you have. Contact the team today, start a Live Chat or send us an enquiry online.

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