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INTRAsystems is delighted to announce the publication of a range of Cradle to Grave EPD Certificates

Architects and specifiers looking for entrance matting products with third-party, green product certifications can now head straight to INTRAsystems for a full range of Entrance Matting EPD products.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing customers with the most sustainable Entrance Matting products and services, we recognise the importance of providing transparent and comparable data on the environmental impact of our products throughout their life-cycle. This newly published suite of International EPDs covers our most popular Entrance Matting systems. This move is just the latest example of INTRAsystems’ investment in and commitment to the planet.

40% of all global emissions can be traced back to the construction and building industries. This means we all have the opportunity now to contribute to something greater, to help the sector in every way possible. Using INTRAsystems in your specification guarantees your Entrance Matting is manufactured to the highest quality and environmental standards.

What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a standardised document which transparently communicates the environmental performance or impact of a product or material over its lifetime. Each EPD document must be independently verified by a third-party expert. It then remains valid for five years from the date of verification.

As more manufacturers commit to a sustainable future, the aim is to generate a library of high-quality and scientifically robust EPDs. This is to inform users about the environmental credentials of construction products and to enable the evaluation and benchmarking of whole buildings in the UK and across the globe.

James Farrant, Managing Director for INTRAsystems comments:

“A founding principal of INTRAsystems was always to have products that architects could specify with confidence. Throughout the history of the company, products have been brought to market consistently because of their quality and performance. With the increasing need to focus on sustainability across the market, INTRAsystems have taken proactive steps to source recycled materials for all their products – including recycled aluminium and repurposed ECONYL using sustainable manufacturing processes and the efficient use of energy.

With products meeting the highest sustainability standard, it was an important step for this to be certified with EPDs. INTRAsystems is really pleased to be able to confirm EPDs across a range of our products in this latest display of commitment to architects as they can be sure when specifying our products that they exceed all environmental performance standards. We look forward to further collaboration with the architect community as they specify sustainable products for buildings of the future.”

Which INTRA products have an EPD available?

You can download each Entrance Matting EPD from the relevant product page, linked above or… NBS Source, Barbour Product Directory and Specified By.

They can also be found on the official Environdec International EPD website library, the global EPD programme for publication of ISO14025 and EN15804 compliant EPDs. Just search for INTRAsystems in the top bar to find all of our EPDs!

Now your entrance matting systems don’t just reduce wet and muddy footprints, but the carbon ones as well!

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