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Introducing the INTRA Hall of Fame: The Floor is Yours!

We design our products with the installer in mind, just as much as the customer! From logistics and drawings to customer service, we hope you’ll be surprised at how easy INTRA Entrance Matting is to install. The team here work super hard to make things clear, easy and stress-free for you! 🏃

So, when you’ve finished – why not share your pics with us, and join our Pinterest Hall of Fame? It’s a great way to:

  • Show off your skills
  • Shout out your team
  • Raise your company profile

How do I get involved?

Simply send us your install story in photos:

👞 Email your images to 👞Scan the QR code below to add INTRAsystems to your mobile contacts and send your pics via WhatsApp, 👞or just tag @intrasystems-integrated-flooring-solutions to mention us on your LinkedIn posts.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to make it a bit social – include your team at work, show a bit of personality. I know we all love Entrance Mats but it’s the people that make social media, well, social!

#INTRAinstall #HallOfFame

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