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New and Improved: Entrance Matting Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Get More From Your Entrance Matting With Our New Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Otherwise referred to as an Entrance Matting Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual, INTRAsystems’ new cleaning and maintenance guide is full of quick tips and information about how to clean commercial entrance matting, and keep it working well for years.

Download the Matting Maintenance Guide

Who is it for?

  • Installers: to pass on to your clients.
  • Architects: to pass on to your clients.
  • Facilities Managers: to pass on to your team.

What’s included?

  • Quick and easy to reference cleaning tips.
  • Recommended cleaning schedules.
  • Spot cleaning instructions.

Why it ‘Matters’!

  • Using the correct cleaning methods and schedules will help save thousands in onward cleaning costs.
  • Your Entrance Mats will look great, and last a lot longer.
  • On-site user safety will be dramatically improved.

Whether you’ve got a sticky substance emergency on your hands or want to work out the best cleaning schedule long term, this guide has got your back. We’ve listened to the requests and compiled a comprehensive bit concise guide. We’ve made things easier to understand and follow. It’s filled with our years of experience and practical applications – including plenty of spills and accidents in controlled, and not-so controlled, environments.

Download a copy, have a read, share it with your teams/ clients and let us know if there’s anything that needs adding or clarifying.

Download the Guide

Need more help? 💬

We’d be delighted to help with any Entrance Matting Cleaning or Maintenance queries that you have. Contact the team today or send us an enquiry online.

📞+44 (0) 1425 472000


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