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The prestigious centre of London’s West End needed Entrance Matting that matched Pall Mall’s history and design

As any keen Monopoly fan will tell you, Pall Mall is just about as prestigious as a high-street can get! This striking stone building with a beautifully designed interior mixes the best of both traditional and contemporary styles. As an internationally known address within the very heart of London’s West End, the location is steeped in prestige and elegance. The building itself is a leading example of architectural classicism. A stunning stone structure designed by Donald McMorran; 100 Pall Mall really stands out within the heart of the West End. Such a building must leave a lasting first impression, so what better way than an external INTRAsystems entrance matting system?

This project was fairly unique in the sense that it was an external mat under cover of a stone archway that proceeds from the main entrance. When our specification consultant considered all the requirements; the need for water absorption; the elegance of the building’s design; and the prestige of the location – there was only one product for the job: INTRAform DM Low Profile with Ultimate fibre inserts.  This product delivers optimum moisture absorption without compromising on design.

Extra wide inserts, extra performance

The extra width of the INTRAform DM Low Profile fibre inserts allows for optimum levels of performance and functionality where absorption is concerned. In an undercover external area such as this – stopping water tracking into the building was the primary concern. The heavy-duty aluminium plank system deals effortlessly with the high footfall expected in a commercial office in central London. It is also very easy to install with its simple, interlocking sections that create a seamless, chic design.

Using our most innovative fibre inserts INTRAlux Ultimate that absorb moisture three times faster from the very first step, the interior flooring of this beautiful building is perfectly and efficiently protected.

Such a location called for the very best when it came to design quality. A bronze anodised finish on the aluminium profiles was the perfect choice to capture the quality feel of the building. A simple, minimalist design keeps the entrance aesthetic aligned with the sophisticated lines beyond.


As Entrance Matting specialists, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine market leading functionality with impeccable design.

Finding the right mix of functionality and design for any given environment is imperative. For this covered, external foyer, a number of unique challenges presented themselves. Working alongside Master Matting, we achieved a chic design while providing the very highest performance level. Our INTRAform DM Low Profile with Ultimate fibre inserts fit the bill perfectly.

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