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What’s the most important thing a floorlayer should do to ensure a successful LVT installation?

Subfloor preparation, subfloor preparation and subfloor preparation! It’s a simple fact that even the highest quality flooring product will not install correctly if the subfloor hasn’t been properly prepared first. I’d recommend these three steps for a first-class installation:

  1. Choose the right product and format for each situation. Glue-down floors require a smooth, level and dry surface while rigid core can be laid over new floors that are still drying, slightly uneven subfloors or existing flooring such as floorboards or tiles.
  2. Use the correct adhesive for your chosen flooring. Working closely with the flooring manufacturer and its in-house technical team will help you fully understand the installation requirements for each product.
  3. The flooring industry is constantly evolving and innovating with new products and techniques so it’s key to take regular training and refresher courses so you can be confident your product knowledge and fitting skills are up to date.
    Dale Diamond, technical compliance specialist
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