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Kerakoll used on a commercial housing development

KERAKOLL products were recently used on a project that formed part of a commercial housing development.

This modern house on a beautiful site overlooked by Oversley Castle was purchased as a shell, then completed by Sam Taylor, the owner of Valla Homes. He chose Tile & Flooring in Bath for the installation of the tiles, flooring and bathrooms.

Kerakoll products were used throughout with Barry Montacute, contracts manager at Tile & Flooring commenting: ‘At Tile & Flooring, Bath we now specify Kerakoll products for all of our projects. We are very impressed with the performance and the green credentials of the product range. Mark Jory and Chris Lewis from Kerakoll are always available for advice with our projects and I personally value this service.’

A major headache onsite was the bad weather which hampered progress externally where 161sq m of 20mm thick porcelain tiles were fixed with Biogel adhesives and grouted using Fugalite Bio which is said to be a water-based resin grout that is resistant to UV rays and waterproof allowing it to withstand the elements on the hilltop site.

Internally there was an in-screed wet system running throughout the building. The existing screeds were levelled using Kerakoll Eco R10, R30 self-levelling compounds and Keralevel Eco LR which is a levelling compound with what Kerakoll describes as extra-rapid setting and drying. Where necessary Primer A and Keragrip Eco were used to promote adhesion.

Both tiles and wood flooring were specified with 140sq m of porcelain and 210sq m of marble and limestone as well as 98sq m engineered oak flooring in the living area.

Wet areas were waterproofed using the Laminate No Crack Waterproofing system for the floors which uses Biogel adhesives to form a laminated bond between the substrate and the Aquastop Green membrane and another between the membrane and the tile covering.

Nanodefense Eco was used to waterproof the shower walls before tiling. The choice of adhesive and grout depended on location and the need for speed dictated by access for other trade: Biogel No Limits and Revolution were used alongside Fugalite Bio and Fugabella Eco Flex.

The oak flooring was fixed using Idrobuild Tex reinforced anti-cracking sheet and Slc Eco L34 adhesive, said by Kerakoll to be a tried-and-tested product from its wood flooring range.

The overall result is extremely impressive and definitely worth the hard work, commented Barry.

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