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The Kerakoll Group’s GreenBuilding

THE Kerakoll Group’s GreenBuilding philosophy consists of developing products that cause as little harm as possible to the environment and human health. A quick look at the certification schemes in which the company participates, it says, will show it is not just paying lip service to this aim, but actively pursuing it.

Kerakoll has reportedly been certified for the International EPD System, the most established programme for the management of Environmental Product Declarations in line with ISO 14025. 

In addition, the company says it’s joined the Environmental Footprint assessment programme in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of the Environment and has the results of tests assessed by SGS Italia against ISO/TS 14067 and ISO 14040-44 standards. 

It also reportedly holds ISO 14021 certification; this deals with the use of recycled materials, the reduced use of resources and the recyclability of the finished product at the end of its life-cycle and shows compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria for the design and construction of public works. 

The fourth plank of this certification is the GreenBuilding rating: this is a tool created by Kerakoll in 2010 and independently assessed by SGS Italia. It evaluates the characteristics of a product in relation to its environmental sustainability, and is said to make it easy for specifiers to quickly assess how eco-friendly a particular product is.

Finally, all products used by the company derived from forests are said to be certified by the FSC, and all of the company’s products bear the CE mark, as Kerakoll says it systematically documents and traces every step from sourcing the raw material to the finished product.

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