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1.553 visitors from 68 countries for second ‘Flanders Flooring Days’

1.553 visitors from 68 countries for second ‘Flanders Flooring Days’

Unique cooperation with 10 key sector players made Flanders the centre of the carpet and flooring industry

From 22 to 25 May, more than 1.500 professionals (+60%) from the international carpet and flooring industry, visited Flanders Flooring Days (FFD). FFD is very similar to your average trade fair, with the difference being that it is held at the manufacturers’ ‘home’, giving the professionals, invited to the event, the opportunity to visit 10 companies and their 13 showrooms within a radius of just 25 kilometres. This was the second time that a group of key sector players, based in Flanders, joined forces to make this unique project possible. Additionally, at the end of the event, they revealed a few details concerning the 2024 edition, making it clear that one of their main aims is to add foreign manufacturers to the existing range of Flanders-based companies.

Within a stone’s throw of each other

With 1.553 guests from all over the world, FFD consolidated the already excellent reputation built during its first edition. Flanders is clearly the perfect place for those wanting to discover innovations in this industry. And the fact that people can visit so many companies from the same sector within a stone’s throw of each other, makes this event a truly unique and time-saving experience.

Flanders opens up

The insider’s view will remain at the core of the 2024 edition. But at the same time, the organising partners want to respond to the high demand from abroad to be part of it. This is why the 2024 edition of FFD will also feature foreign manufacturers. They will showcase their products in showroom hubs set up in Kortrijk Xpo, a modern exhibition venue in the Flemish city of Kortrijk. The next FFD will take place from 13 to 16 May 2024.

This new initiative will make the event even more relevant for visiting wholesalers, retailers and ‘purchasing consultants’ such as interior designers.

FFD combines insight into the carpet and flooring industry with the warm atmosphere and welcoming hospitality that characterises Flanders. But the short distance between the various manufacturers involved is not the only thing that attracts participants, as visits to cities like Bruges, Kortrijk and Ghent are also easy to combine with a visit to FFD. In short, Flanders is not only the host for the event, it is also its main asset!

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