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Construction scrum: how to deliver projects easier, better and faster

‘Construction Scrum: How to Deliver Projects Easier, Better, and Faster’ is the first practical guide for construction professionals to implement the scrum framework in the construction industry.

The book is organised in three parts: part one is a series of short stories that illustrate how scrum works in design and construction. Part two is Felipe Engineer-Manriquez’s scrum story including the scrum values and pillars. Part three is an invitation for construction professionals to create their own scrum playbook with the author’s insights and commentary.

‘My vision for this book is to bust the myths and assumptions around scrum and to simplify the life of construction project managers, superintendents, and field engineers. This book is dedicated to all the people in our industry who take action and make project delivery easier and better for construction today,’ author Felipe said.

‘With Felipe’s partnership in Scrum Inc, a new Scrum team focusing on Scrum in construction was formed to serve the millions of men and women working to build our world. His generous contributions to this team and the growing community of Scrum practitioners continue to have an outstanding impact on transforming people’s work and lives,’ Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and CEO of Scrum Inc., said.

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