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‘Express the individuality of working personalities’ with Pattern from IVC Commercial carpet tiles

MADE with what’s described as the world’s first carbon negative yarn, Pattern is the new carpet tile collection from IVC Commercial that’s said to respond to today’s agile spaces.

As talent retention and wellbeing becomes the priority for corporations, modern office design needs to embrace different ways of working and being together, and Pattern reportedly helps the floor play its role. ‘The three designs of Pattern explore our relationship with working to create a collection that can flex across the modern office.

‘Balanced has a strong sense of routine and rhythm for areas of rules and boundaries. The settled and structured look reflects a personality that seeks order in their working life, and this makes the design ideal for use in desking and boardroom areas.

‘Contrastingly, Tailored is inspired by the self-control of those who are adept at switching between task and collaboration. Its structure flows more freely and breaks at random to give a look that’s suited to spaces embracing today’s many different ways of working.’

Continues the company: ‘As the opposite to Balanced’s restrained outlook, Unchained references expressive personalities that put freedom before all else. Its structure roams freely from one place to the next and is the perfect carpet tile for areas driven by creativity.’

Jeroom Van Lindt, product manager, IVC Commercial Carpet Tiles, explores how the collection might be used in todays offices:

‘We were driven to create Pattern by a desire to reflect the multi-faceted modern office. No longer are these spaces geared solely to productivity, they’re about creating an environment that’s inclusive and supportive, no matter how you like to work or collaborate to get the job done.

‘It’s the many styles of working persona that offices must accommodate which have inspired our three designs. Structure, balance and freedom are all important themes within modern working environments and Pattern lets you translate this into the zones you create with subtle reference.

‘Within one office you could use Balanced for desking areas, Tailored in collaboration spaces and Unchained in areas focused on creativity. Alternatively, characterise the company through its carpet tile – Balanced in a financial institution, Tailored in a tech firm and Unchained in a media agency. Pattern is a really agile and adaptable collection.’

The company continues: ‘Each design is available in the same palette of 16 colours. The soft, sophisticated options bring calm and grace and suit all three personalities beautifully. Among tone-on-tone greys, blues and warm neutrals, there’s a colour suitable for any modern office.

‘Every Pattern carpet tile is made with the world’s first carbon negative yarn, made with the world’s lightest production footprint from 90% recycled content. Samples are now available from IVC Commercial’s London Showroom, The Gallery Clerkenwell.’

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