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FILA assists In Opera Group with the protection of bespoke terrazzo at Exchange Square

Exchange Square is a new large-scale park in the heart of the City of London. Situated next to Liverpool Street Station, the square acts as a thoroughfare for Bishopsgate, Moorgate, Spitalfields and more. This new public space has been reimagined as a generously planted rural landscape and developed across several different levels. This includes 1.5-acres of parkland and a place to reside; in fact, 25% of the area features green space that is accessible to everyone. For this reason, Exchange Square will provide more than just the opportunity to rest; it encourages interaction and is the perfect spot for Broadgate’s many diverse events. Helping the city of London to breathe, this remarkable place is sure to create a capital where communities and businesses thrive.

To encourage an assortment of people to use the new space, high-quality planting, seating and lighting are a fundamental part of Exchange Square. This also includes a large number of bespoke pieces like planters and steps and a fantastic bespoke coloured terrazzo water feature.

As one of the largest suppliers of natural stone in Great Britain, InOpera Group used the FILA system for the treatment of the external floors. PW10 was first used as a pre-laying treatment to prevent the formation of streaks on the stone but without altering the adhesion or grouting. CLEANER PRO was then used for the initial cleaning because neutral detergents are essential for materials like architectural terrazzo. In order to protect the material from the damp zones, HYDROREP was then applied to the areas that will be in contact with water.FOB XTREME could then be applied as an anti-stain sealer to limit the absorption of water and non-acid staining agents. For the everyday cleaning of external Agglotech floors, we’d also suggest the use of our neutral detergent, CLEANER PRO.

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