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Flanders Flooring Days ‘throws its doors wide open in 2024’

BETWEEN 13-16 May, many in the European flooring industry will gather in and around Kortrijk. The goal? Discover new products, meet customers and conclude collaborations at the Flanders Flooring Days. For the third time, market leaders and local manufacturers are opening their showrooms.

New in 2024 is the central showroom ‘The Hub’ in Kortrijk Xpo, where European players can display their innovations.

‘In 2022, Flanders Flooring Days originated as a way to organise a trade event where players in the flooring industry could meet despite the pandemic,’ explains sales manager Cindy Collez. ‘It became an unexpected success.

‘Customers were welcomed to the showrooms and production facilities of market leaders in the field. Within a radius of 25km, more than 10 notable names in the sector participated: indicative of Flanders’ historically strong position in the industry. In 2023, our visitor numbers grew by 60% to 1,600.’

Flanders Flooring Days are said to have quickly built a strong reputation as a surprising, professional event for the international soft and hard flooring industry, with the support of Flemish market leaders and the event’s founding partners who continue to attract an international audience.

In 2023, no less than 72 nationalities found their way to the showrooms in east and west Flanders. By popular demand, Flanders Flooring Days decided to open its doors for its third edition and welcome European manufacturers as well. To keep it practical, it claimed its own place in the central showroom at ‘The Hub’ in Kortrijk Xpo.

Belgian manufacturers can also choose to set up a stand here to meet buyers, architects and professionals with a passion for flooring.

Cindy: ‘FFD24 is the fastest and most efficient way to see everyone who matters in the sector, across national borders. The location of the participating showrooms and Kortrijk Xpo have an added advantage: visitors and participants get to enjoy the renowned Flemish hospitality. Kortrijk is the perfect base to get to know customers and colleagues better over a nice dinner or cultural excursion after the day’s programme. Perhaps with a visit to Bruges or Ghent?’

A personal touch
Hospitality strengthens existing and new contacts made in Kortrijk and its surrounding area. One of the highlights will be Flanders Flooring Night, an exclusive gala event for exhibitors and visitors. After all, personal contact remains the defining factor of a trade event like Flanders Flooring Days. It not only guarantees a better understanding of each other and each other’s business, but also gives the opportunity to experience a product with all your senses.
Want to claim your spot at this indispensable event?
Contact Cindy Collez at the details below.
+32 5624 1116

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