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Flooring industry’s unsung stars to be honoured in New Employee of the Year Award

FOR 2024, The CFJ Awards is introducing a brand new award: Employee of the Year. This award will be derived from nominations sent to us between Wednesday 1 November 2023 to Thursday 29 February 2024. The nominations will be sent on to our independent judging panel who will review the criteria and choose a winner.

So, what exactly are we looking for? We want to highlight those individuals working as flooring contractors, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, who don’t often get the chance to have their qualities proudly shared on a national stage.

This award is intended for those at junior or middle-management level who, by their everyday actions at work, go the extra mile for their companies and importantly, for the industry. Whether they are hard-working, diligent and efficient or swashbuckling, dynamic and energetic (or a combination of all or some of these), we want to know about them – and see their name being put up for this award.

An important caveat is that self-nominations aren’t permitted. The nomination must come from a colleague or manager in their own company or from someone in an associated company who has been impressed by their performance.

The essential information needed includes:

  • Name, job title and company of the nominee
  • Number of years the nominee has worked at the company
  • A brief CV or potted history of the nominee, including details of the role they currently hold and perhaps any relevant previous jobs
  • One or more testimonials of no less than 200 words each from a colleague or external client in the flooring industry explaining why the nominee would be considered a worthy winner

Any other awards the person may have received, charities they support or extracurricular activities undertaken by the nominee, details of which will reflect why they should be considered for this prestigious award. Two or more hi-resolution images of the nominee, including a mandatory hi-res head and shoulders image, are required.

Please send this information to David Strydom at by the latest Thursday 29 February 2024.

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