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Four days to learn all about the latest flooring trends

ARE you passionate about flooring? Then make sure 13-16 May is blocked out in your calendar. Professionals will be gathering at the third year of the Flanders Flooring Days to experience the latest products, meet new and potential partners, and discover current trends in the European soft and hard flooring industry. Manufacturers OSTA, FN Neuhofer, Unifloor and Alfa Carpets are sure to have a few sneak previews.

Top quality floorcoverings: that’s what the Flanders Flooring Days are all about. Leading European manufacturers present their newest hard and soft flooring and related products. Many of the Flemish participants will welcome you from their own showrooms.

Other exhibitors will be delighted to see you at the booths in The Hub in Kortrijk Xpo. Spend four days immersing yourself in everything the sector has to offer: from the showrooms to The Hub and on to a sociable networking dinner (after all, the Flanders Flooring Days are also your perfect opportunity to test the delights of Flemish cuisine).

Schedule your visit
If you’re interested in meeting a particular company or learning more about a specific product, register for your visit now. During the signup process, you can specify which of the exhibitors you want to meet, in the booths in The Hub and also in the showrooms.

Once you’ve registered, the companies you’ve expressed interest in will get in touch to schedule a time slot for you. We will be providing a free shuttle service for transport between the showrooms and The Hub.

One of the manufacturers you’ll be able to visit is OSTA, operator of the international flagship weaving mill for wool and high-quality floor coverings and wall-to-wall carpeting. The company is driven by a long tradition of weaving, skilled craftsmanship and absolute commitment to innovation and quality, as well as having a dedication to sustainability deeply rooted in every aspect of its activities.

By weaving these core values seamlessly into its processes, the company creates a unique product range beloved by its varied international customer base.

Explore the Hub
The Hub will be packed with world leaders in the industry, each with their own booth. For example, you’ll see FN Neuhofer, a family business with 374 years of experience in the woodworking sector, and a focus on innovation and quality. ‘Our new digital machine for printing surfaces is a highly promising addition to our current digital print centre,’ says owner and ceo Franz Neuhofer.

‘We can use the machine to print on MDF, metal, hard plastic foam and flexible foam, and thus create bespoke acoustic panels, shaped panels, floor elements, wall cladding and kitchen worktops.’

Dutch specialist UNIFLOOR will be presenting levelling underfloors with optimised contact noise reduction for time-saving installation and long-term use. ‘What’s more, the wood we use is FSC-certified, and almost all our underfloors have an EPD (environmental product declaration) complying with ISO 14025 and EN 15804,’ explains managing director Edwin Zaaijer.

Among the soft flooring manufacturers, you’ll also find Alfa Carpets – Alfa designs, engineers, makes and delivers its carpets. Since it also produces its own yarn, offers low minimum order quantities, and supports its customers every step of the way, Alfa can truly be said to offer a bespoke experience.

Are you interested in learning more about the showrooms and booth exhibitors at the Flanders Flooring Days? Head to – also for registration of your visit.
+ 32 5624 1111

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