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Havwoods achieves internationally recognised ISO 14001 certification

WOOD surface specialists, Havwoods, has been internationally recognised for its dedication to sustainable practices and ethical commitment with the ISO 14001 certification.

The certification sets the standard for EMS (environmental management systems) and provides a framework for organisations to design and implement an EMS to continually improve its environmental performance.

Over the past year, Havwoods has carried out numerous surveys among staff in different regions around topics associated with environmental, social and governance (ESG). The results gave the brand a snapshot of their own internal perception on ESG performance, following which, Havwoods has been able to track this perception and make ongoing improvements throughout the year – identifying where more work needs to be done.

Francis Obi, global purchasing & operations director at Havwoods said, ‘Havwoods has achieved certification to ISO14001 which is an incredibly important milestone for the business. This is an internationally agreed and recognised standard for environmental management systems. It supports organisations in identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling environmental processes. The standard requires that organisations assess environmental issues relevant to their operations, such as waste management, resource use and efficiency.

‘By implementing ISO14001, Havwoods is demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, by mitigating risk, ensuring compliance with regulations and reinforcing good governance practices.

‘This not only aligns with our global sustainability goals but also enhances our overall corporate reputation; and positively influences how we are perceived by our customers, and the broader communities we operate in.’

ISO 14001 is important to businesses as it offers a structured approach for them to address the concerns around the environment and sustainability such as biodiversity loss, resource depletion and climate change.

By being proactive and adopting this certification, Havwoods says it has signalled its commitment to ongoing environmental improvement.
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