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Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd becomes Kerakoll UK Ltd

TILEMASTER Adhesives has been in the flooring and tiling industry since it was founded in 1990 and says it’s known for its professionalism and quality.

Following its acquisition in 2017 by the Kerakoll Group, a multi-national company working in the construction industry, the British company has continued to thrive, reportedly using the challenges presented by the pandemic, Brexit, and the global economy to grow and innovate.

Since its acquisition, the Kerakoll Group says it’s invested heavily in research and development to improve the Tilemaster product range, focusing on enhancing Tilemaster and Kerakoll brands in the competitive UK tiling sector.

However, the decision has now been taken to move the whole range under the Kerakoll banner. This will allow the company to dedicate itself to delivering superior customer service, what it describes as an exceptional product offering, and an ‘enriched brand experience without the distraction of managing two brands’.

Says the company: ‘Tilemaster’s well-loved products will keep the same quality and consistency, now enhanced with a sustainable edge. They’re being re-engineered to be more environmentally friendly and safer for installers, for example by minimising volatile organic compounds (VOC) in line with the Kerakoll aim of building better places to live.

‘Another distinctive feature is the inclusion of the Kerakoll green building rating on the product packaging, an emblem of sustainability which demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmentally conscious building practices. The green building rating provides a transparent measure of the product’s most relevant sustainability characteristics, allowing the installer to see at a glance how environmentally friendly a product is.’

The company will start the process in the flooring sector in May when the first products will appear under the Kerakoll brand. Keep an eye out for updates about this new range.
On 1st June, the current Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd company name will become Kerakoll UK Ltd, as part of the brand alignment. This change signifies more than just a new name, says the company; it heralds a new era of quality, innovation, and commitment to sustainability under the Kerakoll banner.

‘Customers can look forward to a seamless transition with continued access to the high-quality products and services they expect.’

More information will become available. You can also contact your local sales representative, or the customer service team to arrange a trial or answer questions you may have.

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