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Inspiring spaces begin with bespoke design

Fleur Carson talks about using bespoke flooring to elevate brand identity, stimulate emotional connections and act as a guide to navigating the space.

THE floor is one of the most prominent surfaces of any interior and so has a profound influence on how a space is experienced. Whether in residential or commercial settings, it’s important to consider how each space will be used and the desired mood, whether that’s comfortable and relaxing or stimulating and engaging.

Designed to replicate the beauty of natural wood and stone but without the drawbacks that come with installing and maintaining the real thing, LVT offers the ultimate versatility to imagine interesting bespoke designs that can kindle emotions.

The consistent product thickness within each LVT range means that wood and stone designs can be laid alongside each other to give an individual look in adjoining zones without any issues such gapping or lipping. In addition, floors can play with unexpected laying patterns, integrated borders, design strips and special cuts.

Fleur said: ‘At Karndean we see design as a journey of possibilities. Our passion has always been to design authentic floors that offer elegance, practicality and outstanding opportunities for imaginative bespoke designs. The attraction of Karndean flooring is the ability to create one-off designs using a combination of colours and tile sizes or hand-cut shapes, extending the limits of what’s possible.’

SUBHEAD: Keep it simple with subtle pattern

Taking a single colourway throughout an interior will result in a reassuring sense of continuity and is particularly popular in residential settings. To give identity and personality to individual spaces, mixing things up with different laying patterns can be very effective, for example transitioning from straight lay to herringbone or incorporating borders and rug effects.

In residential settings such as retirement villages, co-living and student accommodation, this room-to-room approach results in a traditional homely feel with a modern twist and a hygienic easy-care surface that will support independence and wellbeing.

Inspired by moments in nature, Karndean’s new Van Gogh collection features a highly flexible range of wood and stone designs in a choice of plank and tile sizes, including herringbone and chevon, with options in glue-down and rigid core formats, providing ample opportunities to use a single colourway in different laying patterns, even over different sub-floor conditions.

SUBHEAD: Guide navigation with repeating patterns

From the simplest patterns using two colourways to complex designs in a blend of colours, styles and patterns, a rhythmic pattern can be used to influence wayfinding and help users to understand the purpose of a space.

For example, a directional laying pattern with contrasting colours will suggest where to walk while non-directional patterns can encourage people to stay in one place.

Karndean’s designers were inspired by traditional trends of the Italian Renaissance to develop its Opus abstracts capsule collection, which offers complete creative freedom to make a statement with imaginative bespoke floors. Compatible with other wood and stone designs from its Opus range, this is the ideal choice for a bold impactful floor.

To outline just a few of this collection’s design opportunities, complementary designs could be blended in a symmetrical repeating pattern to allow the eye to flow across an open space, or the symmetry offset for a pleasing effect. Alternatively, combining contrasting colours in irregular geometric patterns is sure to stop people in their tracks.

SUBHEAD: Identify activity zones with geometric shapes

In hospitality venues, bespoke flooring can provide a sense of theatre that not only reflects a unique brand identity but also encourages guests to immerse themselves in a reality away from everyday life. Catering for large numbers of visitors, flooring can play a significant role in communicating functionality such as serving areas, walkways and seating areas.

The beauty of LVT is its outstanding versatility to create geometric patterns of all shapes and sizes. Karndean’s Heritage Collection presents a modern interpretation of Victorian tiled floors with options in traditional monochrome or modern colour combinations, while its Kaleidoscope range includes geometric shapes that can be cut in any combination of colourways for a stunning 3D effect.

For the ultimate expression of bespoke design, LVT can be hand-cut into any shape. This truly unique result can be seen in some of Karndean’s most popular case studies such as Stirr Ups Bar and Restaurant in Evesham, which included a ‘houndstooth’ design in its restaurant area to give each table its own defined dining space, or at Charlton Hall in Northumberland which features an unusual monochrome art deco floor design.

Fleur concludes: ‘The flexibility and consistency of the latest LVT products is such that it can honestly be said that the possibilities are endless. When it comes to bespoke design that will take an interior to the next level, the only limit remaining is our imagination.’

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