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Interfloor donates playtime materials to Broadway Primary School

ROSSENDALE manufacturer Interfloor has donated a large amount of materials to Broadway Primary School in Haslingden, to help fuel the creativity of pupils during breaktime.

The donation was made-up of surplus materials from the factory, Europe’s largest manufacturer of floorcovering underlays and accessories. It included large tubes and boxes that can be used in crafting or games, including a long plastic tunnel.

The items have been donated as part of the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) programme, which aims to inspire children and encourage the reuse of materials in an eco-friendly manner rather than them being disposed of.

Interfloor was introduced to the OPAL programme through charity Active Lancashire in 2022 and says it’s already made a couple of donations to the school this year. It works closely with Active Lancashire -as the annual headline sponsor of the Active Lancashire Awards and sponsor of this year’s Primary School of the Year category, as part of its aim to champion and support local young people and community initiatives.

Interfloor’s site operations director, Ian Merrifield, attended the handover of materials. He said, ‘Sustainability and community engagement lie at the core of our values. Partnering with Broadway Primary School aligns perfectly with our vision of making a positive impact on the local community. We’re thrilled to provide the school with waste materials that the children can repurpose for their playground activities, promoting imaginative play while fostering a greener environment.’

Mark Stephenson, who manages a team at Active Lancashire that supports activity provision in schools, said: ‘Active Lancashire is proud to have facilitated this connection between Interfloor and Broadway. By promoting outdoor play and encouraging the use of recycled materials, we’re inspiring children’s creativity and instilling in them a sense of environmental responsibility. We’ll be using this as a case study to help other local schools we work with learn about this offer and connect with Interfloor, as it’s a really good opportunity for all involved.’

Broadway Primary School’s headmaster, Chris Bolton, expressed gratitude for Interfloor’s donation, stating: ‘The materials donated by Interfloor have ignited excitement among our students, including several who helped unload the HGV when it arrived.’

‘These resources enhance their playtime activities and encourage them to think creatively and responsibly about repurposing materials. This initiative demonstrates the power of partnerships in positively shaping our children’s experiences and preparing them to be environmentally conscious.’
Active Lancashire is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical activity and community engagement throughout the Lancashire region. It collaborates with local partners and businesses to foster healthier and more active communities.

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