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LION Boards available with verified EPD

FINNISH Fibreboards, manufacturers of the LION Boards range, including the only fibreboard specifically designed for flooring, LION Floor, has announced the availability of a product-specific environmental product declaration (EPD) verified by independent third-party, EPD Hub.

Giving the chance to compare and choose products based on environmental impact, EPDs are becoming increasingly important in flooring projects. As end-users will increasingly demand sustainable products in specifications, the case for choosing installation products with verified environmental performance is stronger than it’s ever been.

LION Boards, including LION Floor, can now be supplied with an EPD that’s independently verified in accordance with international standards (ISO 14025). The EPD looks at the cradle-to-gate lifecycle of LION Boards and provides calculations across material composition, manufacturing and packaging. The EPD is verified by EPD Hub, which internally reviews manufacturer data before verification.

For material composition, LION Boards record a 98.4% secondary material input (wood industry by-product) and a 0% secondary material output, meaning no material is wasted in the production of boards. 

For every cubic metre of LION Boards produced (weighing 980kg), the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of LION Floor’s lifecycle is -1,771kgCO2, significantly less than European made particleboard at -618kgCO2* or European made plywood at -888kgCO2*.

Because LION Boards use wood by-product, itself a CO2 store that would have otherwise gone to incineration and have released CO2 back into the atmosphere, they lock-in more carbon throughout the product lifetime than products using virgin wood and this accounts for the exceptional GWP figure.

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard, says: ‘Our LCA and resulting third-party verified EPD is one of the easiest and most transparent ways for specifiers and end-users to gain a good understanding of the environmental performance of LION Boards. It’s clear that choosing LION Floor, as opposed to flooring grade plywoods, is a better environmental decision for any project and our EPD can be trusted by specifiers looking to make sound specification choices based on science.’

The EPD (HUB-0633) can be publicly accessed on and Finnish Fibreboard has also published a complimentary Carbon Handprint document in conjunction with Greenstep, a global business services company that specialises in giving companies the tools to grow and become more sustainable.

*Average carbon footprint based on values from multiple manufacturers.
NB. Reported figures exclude transport and installation, product use and maintenance and product end of life. For more details, 

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