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New building safety guide launched to help duty holders navigate Gateway process

THE new Building Safety Act will fundamentally change how we design, build and manage properties. Now, with greater clarity on the changes that are set to be implemented in the coming months, Bureau Veritas has unveiled its new Building Safety Act interactive guide, designed to help duty holders navigate the new three-step Gateway process.

Says the company: ‘Reflecting Bureau Veritas’ continued commitment to educating businesses on regulatory best practice in buildings and fire safety, the step-by-step guide provides duty-holders with an overview of the new Building Safety Act, breaks down the three Gateway and informs businesses on how to be compliant.

‘With a clear and interactive design and format, the guide sets out the background of the Building Safety Act – including what it is, how businesses can comply with the new regulations and when each phase comes into play. There’s also a section on each of the Gateways, with accompanying videos from Andy Lowe, technical and training director at Bureau Veritas to talk businesses through the requirements at each stage.’

Andy Lowe said: ‘More than ever, businesses are facing increased competition and pressure on their resources meaning achieving compliance and meeting best practice standards concerning building safety may not always be easy. However, for those in the construction and building design sectors, it’s vital these new building safety standards are fully understood and adhered to.

‘Our easy-to-digest interactive guide offers the industry a quick snapshot of how they can achieve compliance to the Building Safety Act and ensure they’re staying ahead of the curve on meeting the existing and upcoming regulatory requirements.’

The company continues: ‘Whatever the level of in-house expertise, Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive range of building, fire and life safety consultancy services to suit all requirements. They work with developers, duty-holders and landlords as an independent third party throughout the building lifecycle and beyond to help reduce risk and to achieve compliance.

‘As well as its interactive guide, Bureau Veritas has launched a Building Control Hub featuring a complete video series following each step of the Building Safety Act process.’

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