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Resapol donates to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

RESAPOL, a UK supplier of construction chemicals, says it’s pleased to introduce the Resapol Foundation, the charitable arm of the business that aims to make a positive, lasting difference to people’s lives by awarding donations to charities to assist them in the incredible work they do every day.

As part of its ongoing work The Resapol Foundation says it’s delighted to contribute £1,000 to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

The Lighthouse Charity is reportedly the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families. A crucial element of its strategy is to provide a range of free, widely available pro-active resources to support the industry.

This support is drastically needed, with statistics such as two construction workers taking their life every single day in the UK and 82,000 new cases of work-related illnesses in the construction industry every year.

Sean Ofsarnie, one of the Foundation Founders commented: ‘The statistics around the construction industry are concerning and we are incredibly pleased to be able to support the Lighthouse Charity with their continued work. Our contribution aims to help sustain their work and ensure their continued impact within the industry.’

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has several core services that support the industy’s emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. These are:

  • 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline – Expert free and confidential support across all areas of wellbeing. Call 0346 6051956 (UK).
  • Live chat with expert advisors (not with a bot!)
  • Text HARDHAT Support Service – Ideal for those that don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone. Simply text HARDHAT to 85258 (UK) and you are provided with immediate one-to-one support.
  • Self Support App – The app focuses on preventative tools and building resilience in the areas of emotional. physical and financial wellbeing.
  • Education & Training: Wellbeing Academy – Most of the training is free and accessible by all within the industry and there are various delivery methods and levels to suit everyone.
  • Lighthouse Beacons – These are safe spaces throughout the UK, for people to come together and talk in a confidential and supportive environment.
  • Critical Incident Support – Provides a fast wellbeing response unit for critical onsite incidents.

    Sarah Bolton, chief operating officer for the Lighthouse Charity said: ‘Thank you so much to the Resapol Foundation for their donation which will help us continue our vital work in supporting our construction community.’

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