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Rinos to be direct supplier of Aqua 85 walk-off mat

RINOS, which describes itself as the specialised manufacturer of coir and entrance mats, has from mid-June 2024 been the direct supplier of the Aqua 85 walk-off mat. This scraper walk-off mat was previously supplied by 3M as Nomad Aqua 85 (NA85).

The company says the mat is well-known as the best performing mat when it comes to dirt absorption. Meanwhile, 3M has informed its distributors that Rinos is continuing production and delivery of this product. The official introduction took place at the Flanders Flooring Days between 13-16 May.

Aqua 85 is the product name under which Rinos will now supply this mat directly to distributors. ‘The mat’s excellent performance in terms of dirt absorption is due to the unique tufting method,’ says the company. ‘Hard scraping yarns and thin moisture-absorbing yarns are tufted next to each other, the so-called Twin Fibre pile construction. The separated loop poles provide an open structure. Therefore, this walk-off mat easily absorbs dirt, hides it perfectly and is easy to vacuum.’

Continues Rinos: ‘The special, blended pattern is partly created because the coarse scraping yarn is matched in colour to the fine absorbent yarn. Owing to its unique properties, Aqua 85 has been securing excellent performance for many years now, for example in prime commercial locations with a lot of traffic.’

Aqua 85 is made of ECONYL, regenerated nylon. If required, the mat is available with a PVC-free Pura Backing. Also, this mat is particularly sustainable, 70% consists of recycled raw materials. ‘Each mat is individually packaged. This keeps the mats clean and ensures easy delivery. Aqua 85 is available in various sizes with a 2.5cm border all around – also in rolls up to 10m in length – for easy and quick loose-laying on existing floors.’
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