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Summertime Blues

Summer has finally arrived. Unfortunately, the warm weather can present problems on site raising the temperature further. Sometimes, following the application of a lacquer and the contractor leaves site, adverse conditions can severely compromise the result of all the hard work. When air becomes warmer it can hold more water, increasing humidity. This hot, moist air, above the drying lacquer, will reduce the evaporation of water and solvent from the lacquer surface extending the drying time. In fact, in confined areas the effect is analogous to covering the lacquer surface with polythene sheeting or similar. This will interfere with the cure of the finish affecting not only the appearance (often irregular sheen is apparent), but in some cases can reduce the adhesion of the lacquer to the timber. To prevent this simply ensure that there is adequate movement of air on site rather than a sealed environment.

Direct sunlight and low humidity can result in the hot and dry conditions that accelerate drying of products.

Care should be taken to apply finishes during a cooler part of the day. If this is not possible there are measures that can be taken. Bona Retarder is an additive for all Bona waterborne lacquers and primers which extends the drying time by up to approximately 20 minutes. This prevents ‘flash drying’ and allows additional time for the self-levelling and defoaming (bubble dissipation). Floors within environments where there is prolonged direct sunlight can be treated more easily if curtains are drawn with attention paid to the application rate of the product. If the product is applied too sparingly this can also lead to accelerated drying with the potential for applicator marks, visible overlaps, ‘orange peel’ texture and bubbles in the dry coat.

Remember that Bona Retarder can be helpful when applying Bona waterborne lacquers and primers when conditions are hot. Also consider that high humidity can slow the rate of drying and the need for air movement to optimise the product’s drying and curing.

Find out more here – Bona Retarder (WX100006001) – Bona.com

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