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TradeChoice Carpet & Flooring

Since Monday 3 October you may have noticed a change to the Carpet & Flooring company name and a fresh set of customer values that aims to reflect on what and how the company operates.

To better reflect its position in the trade market it has added ‘TradeChoice’ into the existing Carpet & Flooring name and changed the web address to tradechoice.com. A new logo has also been created.

It should be noted that there will not be any changes to how it operates as a business, and customers and suppliers will continue to receive the same level of service from the people they have always dealt with.

TradeChoice Carpet & Flooring aims to further improve service levels by opening a new transactional website in the coming months and are also set to invest in a significant number of new branches over the next few years.

If you have any questions, customers can get in touch with customer.services@tradechoice.com or head into a local TradeChoice Carpet & Flooring branch for a chat.

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