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Why LVT is a great flooring choice

Luxury Vinyl Tile – also known as LVT – is a type of flooring that offers affordability, durability and comfort. Suitable for pretty much every room in the home, LVT is just as useful for commercial settings. Advances in construction and design mean that you can replicate classic wood designs, such as traditional planks or herringbone, or other natural materials such as stone, without any of the typical fitting or maintenance issues these often bring with them.

What is LVT?

LVT is typically made of many layers of PVC vinyl. This layering creates the cushioning effect that makes LVT so comfortable to walk on. It also helps to make the flooring sound resistant – it’s quiet even in busy areas – and it helps to conserve heat in your home, because it fits your floors so well that there’s no issues with cold air coming in or hot air leaking out.

LVT usually comes in two types: planks, which closely resemble traditional hard wood or laminate flooring, and tiles, which imitate authentic stone and ceramic designs. These designs are laid on top of the vinyl layers and sealed to protect the flooring from scratches and spills. Available in planks and tiles to meet various flooring needs that suit all areas of the home including kitchens and bathrooms.

What makes LVT so special?

It’s the combination of practicality, affordability and style that makes LVT a great option. The number of designs available means that homeowners can find exactly the right style for each area of their homes, without having to compromise on the look.

Then there’s the practical stuff. The finish means it’s easy to clean –  water, food and mud can be quickly removed when the inevitable happens. On top of that, LVT has a ‘wear layer’ which is designed to make the flooring more durable, making it ideal for heavy-duty places in the home such as hallways or kitchens.

And it’s affordable. So there’s an LVT option for everyone at every price point.

Furlong Flooring’s LVT collection

We have just launched a completely revamped LVT collection, offering customers a wide range of on-trend designs that completely transform homes and commercial spaces.

SironaSirona authentically captures the character, details and textures of natural materials and comes in 16 fantastic wood and tile designs. Naturally warm to the touch and with excellent sound and heat insulation, this range is perfect for hard-working homes and offices.

Carina: Carina offers a stunning range of on-trend wood and natural stone designs that are suitable for all rooms in the home. With an improved wear layer of 0.55mm, Carina is moisture resistant, hygienic, and easy to keep clean.

Aurora: Aurora designs are ‘embossed in register’ for an authentic and natural feel, just like real wood. With 12 standard plank and four herringbone designs, Aurora brings a beautifully modern feel to homes and commercial settings. The improved 0.55mm wear layer makes Aurora LVT hard wearing, moisture resistant and easy to clean.

We’re delighted to introduce these new ranges to the market, backed by industry-leading warranties and our dedicated service commitments. Contact us today if you would like to know more or become a Furlong Flooring account holder.

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