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‘modulyss leads the charge in sustainable flooring solutions’

IN a world where sustainability is no longer optional but essential, architects and interior designers face the fascinating challenge of incorporating eco-friendly practices into their creations. modulyss, described as the premium brand under Belysse, says it’s revolutionised the flooring industry by bridging Flemish tradition with sustainable innovation, showcasing its commitment to a circular economy with their Heritage and Artcore collections.

A circular approach to flooring innovation
The circular economy focuses on designing products that last, minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency. As a result, businesses in the design sector are more aware of its responsibility to reuse, repair and recycle materials throughout the production process. This mindset is said to be at the heart of modulyss’s approach to sustainable flooring solutions.

Marie De Laet, sustainability manager for Belysse and modulyss, says: ‘In committing to sustainability as a cornerstone of our brand, we’re proud to offer a substantial range of Cradle to Cradle Certified (C2C) offerings in carpet tiles.’

The C2C certification is an internationally recognized standard issued by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, with products assessed on five key areas water and soil stewardship, clean air and climate protection, material health, product circularity, and social fairness.

‘Championing sustainability in flooring’
Says the company: ‘To meet the growing demand for sustainable flooring and acoustically efficient options, modulyss has developed a range of C2C Certified products, including its comfortBackeco backing solution, which the company says is PVC- and bitumen-free and can be disassembled and recycled into a first-grade new backing. ComfortBackeco has been awarded a C2C Gold certificate, demonstrating modulyss’ commitment to sustainability and enhanced acoustic performance.’

The Heritage Collection
Modulyss’ Heritage collection draws inspiration from the rich history and culture of Belgium, with designs influenced by five typical Flemish landscapes. ‘The Dune, Meadow, and Polder collections in the Heritage range feature Econyl yarn made from 100% regenerated nylon and hold Gold or Silver C2C certification, depending on the selected colour.’

Continues the company: ‘The Artcore collection takes modulyss’ commitment to sustainability to new heights. With Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold in all four patterned collections, Artcore rewilds the interior world by creating unique patterned transitions that reconnect people with nature, fostering balance and wellbeing.’

Ruben De Reu, product director at Belysse and modulyss, emphasises: ‘As we most recently did with our Heritage and Artcore collections, we’ll continue to approach product development and new product design with C2C certification in mind, applying innovative strategies to the reuse and recycling of old materials.’

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