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The Clerkenwell road connection

The Belgian carpet tile designer opened its newest showroom on Clerkenwell Road in 2022. “It’s no coincidence that we insisted on Clerkenwell Road as the location for our new London showroom,” shares Jose Hamp, Sales Director for modulyss in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Asia Pacific. “It’s essential to us that we not just support this vibrant hub of architecture and design with our innovative products, but that we fully immerse ourselves in this community. We want to join conversations and contribute to the flow of ideas materialising from this remarkable creative core. Regularly hosting talks and workshops is a vital part of that mission.”

The modulyss showroom is the place to visit for a lineup of impactful speakers during Clerkenwell Design Week. The expert talks will kick off on 23 May with a presentation by Tarek Merlin of Feix&Merlin Architects highlighting the re-use of materials to reduce a project’s carbon footprint. He and his team are deeply experienced in this sustainable strategy and Tarek’s talk will highlight all the thrilling possibilities of re-deploying original resources in new projects.

On 24 May, neurodiversity expert Rachel Morgan will take the microphone to delve into the positive impacts of inclusive design. Neuroaesthetics celebrate neurodiversity by imagining environments where neurodivergent people and their unique brains can thrive. When neuroscience and design come together in the design process, the resulting spaces ultimately impact a wide audience through features that benefit neurotypical and neurodiverse people alike.

And Tim Fu of Zaha Hadid Architects will open a window into the future on the same date. His talk will explore the role of artificial intelligence in architecture and design, from technical shortcuts to the visualisation of otherworldly aesthetic concepts. Once just a futuristic fantasy, AI has become an essential tool and will only continue to collapse the boundaries between what is real and what is synthetic.

The modulyss programming for Clerkenwell Design Week won’t stop at passive listening and learning. The brand will also be hosting two workshops where participants can actively engage with ideas introduced by the expert speakers.

The modulyss showroom will be a safe haven for a meditative gathering on 24 May. The one-hour meditation break will be facilitated by a guide from Re:Mind studio in London. This session will allow active brains to settle, integrate all the inspiration they’ve gathered and emerge with renewed energy for more CDW experiences.

And play will spark creativity in a hands-on creative workshop on 25 May. Crafting expert Jane Gois, founder of Tea & Crafting, will lead the way with a block printing tutorial. The technique will be used to personalise fabric tote bags as an aesthetically pleasing reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags. Resulting in a sustainable souvenir to take home from CDW.

Clerkenwell Design Week returns to London from 23 to 25 May. Information about each workshop and speaker session at the modulyss showroom, including sign-up details, is available via the modulyss website.

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