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Government tells Carpet Foundation that retailers can reopen if strict safety guidelines are observed

AFTER discussions with government at the end of last week, The Carpet Foundation says it has passed on the following notification regarding the re-opening of carpet retailers to its 370 retail members:
‘The regulations have always identified homeware, building supplies and hardware stores as being among those businesses which may be regarded as legal exceptions to the requirement to close and it remains for each business to seek its own legal advice in making decisions re: whether or not to operate.

‘These decisions must take full account of the regulations, guidance and the requirement (related to the Health & Safety at Work Act) to adhere to PHE guidelines on social distancing in the workplace to protect the health and safety of both staff and customers.’ The Carpet Foundation said: ‘What is 100% clear from this is that you need to take advice and follow that advice. Our advice is that you must fully comply with all the requirements of social distancing, putting in place the new practices for working in stores and other people’s homes. If you have all of the requirements for social distancing in place it would appear you have no reason not to be open,” it said.

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