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‘A more sustainable way to better comfort’

COMFORTBACKEO is the new sustainable carpet tile backing from modulyss, now available on the Belgian manufacturer’s carpet tile collections.

Says the company: ‘Combining shock and noise absorbing benefits with a sustainable and circular construction, comfortBackeco is the modulyss carpet tile backing that gives best of both worlds.
Consisting of 62% recycled material, 100% PVC- and bitumen-free and with the ability to be disassembled and recycled back into itself, comfortBackeco is a carpet tile backing that’s better for the planet and for people. Thanks to a 90% recycled polyester felt, it soaks up noise and absorbs footfall for a floor finish that adds an extra layer of comfort.’

The company continues: ‘With an average 65% improvement in sound absorption and blocking out 25% more sound from adjacent rooms, modulyss carpet tiles with comfortBackeco help spaces to be quieter. The lightweight yet dense polyester felt also absorbs footfall time after time, for a carpet tile that’s more comfortable to walk and stand on.’

Ruben De Reu, product director, modulyss, says, ‘The increased focused on wellbeing in the workplace from companies means a growing number of designers aren’t simply focused on the aesthetics of product, but the impact it can have on comfort too.

‘Specifying comfortBackeco on our carpet tiles is a great way to ensure user wellbeing is supported, while meeting environmental objectives on the project. In fact, through our CO2RE programme, comfortBackeco carpet tiles can achieve carbon neutral status.’

The company concludes: ‘Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Certified, the backing’s lightweight construction also helps reduce the impact of transportation, providing an 18% reduction in CO2 emissions.

comfortBackeco is available across a vast range of made in Belgium carpet tiles from modulyss.’
Find out more about comfortBackeco and other carpet tile backings from modulyss at www.modulyss.com/en-INT/technical/backings
0800 0962702

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