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Bostik UK moves to 100% renewable electricity

BOSTIK UK says it’s taken a significant step in its ongoing commitment to responsible energy consumption as the company has increased the amount of electricity it receives from renewable resources to 100%.

The move to maximise the company’s use of renewable energy will reportedly enable Bostik UK to report zero emissions for electricity in future, with all electricity coming solely from solar, wind or hydro resources.

The company’s provider, ScottishPower, generates energy from its own UK windfarms and by selecting their Green Energy Tariff, Bostik UK will have greater assurances about the source of its energy. ScottishPower will deliver annual reports alongside Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates that detail exactly where Bostik’s renewable energy is being sourced from.

‘This is a huge achievement and reflects Bostik’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint. We continue to seek more ways to optimise our energy efficiency and improve our procedures. We are currently exploring several other plans to enable us to support our customers with the industry’s sustainability challenges,’ comments Carl Millerchip, commercial director at Bostik.

Arkema, Bostik’s parent company, says it’s committed to the pursuit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and has reportedly been working to reduce its carbon footprint for many years.

The Arkema Group has joined the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and, in a recent Wall Street Journal ranking of companies worldwide, was placed number one among the most sustainably managed chemical companies, while being placed 11th overall globally.

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