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F Ball & Co launches RAG 2022

F BALL & Co has unveiled an updated version of its ‘highly anticipated’
F Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide (RAG), which includes new floorcoverings launched by manufacturers during 2021 and F Ball’s Styccobond F58 PLUS adhesive, which also made its debut last year.

The RAG 2022 reportedly enables contractors and specifiers to quickly check the compatibility of F Ball adhesives with over 6,000 branded floorcoverings from more than 200 international floorcovering manufacturers – offering flooring professionals the most comprehensive guide to floorcovering-adhesive compatibility available.

The RAG is available as a printed A5 booklet and a constantly updated digital version is available on the F Ball website and as an app, downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

A new adhesive addition this year is F Ball’s newly released Styccobond F58 PLUS, ‘a fast-drying, fibre-reinforced pressure sensitive adhesive for LVTs’.

Says the company: ‘The product transitions from a wet-lay adhesive when initially applied to a subfloor, through a semi-wet stage to become fully pressure sensitive. When used in its wet state, it is also suitable for the installation of rubber floorcoverings up to 2.5mm thick.’

Recommendations are only included in the guide after the completion of a rigorous 54-day testing programme at F Ball’s state-of-the-art testing facilities and following endorsement by the relevant floorcovering manufacturer.

The company continues: ‘Furthermore, every recommendation listed guarantees the resulting bond performance for the entire lifetime of the flooring installation – as long as the advised subfloor preparation and installation procedures are followed – giving flooring professionals peace of mind.’

F Ball’s sales director, Darren Kenyon, said: ‘Our team continuously strives to meet the needs of flooring professionals by working closely with them and developing installation products based on their feedback and the new floorcoverings launched into the market.

‘The RAG is designed to make adhesive selection effortless, with recommendations for any of the listed floorcoverings available in an instant, via a smartphone app. It’s the one Recommended Adhesives Guide contractors can’t afford to be without.’

A copy of the printed guide can be requested by using the below details. 

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