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Flanders Flooring Days prep ‘speeding ahead’ and ‘2024 edition promises to be even bigger and better’

THE first edition of the Flanders Flooring Days (FFD) attracted more than 1,000 visitors from around the world and was reportedly a huge success. Consequently, the founding manufacturers say they’re ‘extremely excited’ to announce this event will again take place between 22-25 May ‘on a bigger scale’.

Says Flanders: ‘More companies from the Flanders region will take part. Visitors can discover the best Flanders has to offer to the worldwide carpet and flooring industry. We’re also excited to announce preparations for 2024 have started and are even more ambitious to expand the event to companies beyond Flanders.’

‘This event is like being invited to dine in the house of a friend versus being invited to a restaurant,’ says Ruben Desmet, ceo of Unilin Flooring and one of the founding partners. The first edition of the FFD boasted visitors in the showrooms of Flanders’ 10 flooring providers. It was initiated by the seven ‘founding fathers’ of the sector.

For the 2023 edition, FFD will welcome new players. ‘Twelve leading Flemish flooring manufacturers will treat visitors to visits in their flagship showrooms and factories. Visitors will discover them within a radius of less than 25km, in the heart of easily accessible Flanders. Result? A highly time-efficient visit for those who want to stay on top of trends in the sector.’

Associated Weavers, Beauflor, Belysse, Berry Alloc, Betap, Condor Group, COREtec Floors, Lano, McThree, Osta Carpets, Real Orotex and Unilin will open their doors to visitors from all over the world.

See all of it
A traditional trade fair only shows you a selection of what each producer can offer. But at FFDs visitors get to see everything about every company that took part. As one visitor said: ‘So inspiring. As a customer I had the unique opportunity to see the complete product range of several manufacturers.’

Says the company: ‘The founding fathers of this prestigious event gave visitors the closest and most complete insiders’ view that one can get. It’s easy to ask questions directly to the people behind the companies, talk to the exclusive group of wholesalers and retailers that are joining as visitors or even get a factory tour.

‘These top flooring companies are eager to invite their clients back again at their ‘homes’ and just as equally customers are keen to visit. This second edition adds even more chances to discover, meet and learn. This will be topped off with a delicious sauce of Flemish culinary and cultural traditions: Flemish hospitality at its best, back again in 2023.’

Further plans for 2024 inviting other European players
The company continues: ‘Showing their true innovative spirit the founding fathers are planning 2024 to be even more inclusive and exciting. In 2024 Flanders Flooring Days will also welcome other European players to show and demonstrate themselves to wholesalers and retailers in the industry. Flanders is small in surface, but big enough to open itself to the flooring world.’

The 2023 edition will be held between 22-25 May. Visits are only possible by registering at flandersflooringdays.com. After registration, the manufacturer will contact the visitor to schedule a concrete appointment.
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