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‘International naming protocol for acoustic and vibration products’

REGUPOL acoustic and vibration products, used in projects such as The Shard and Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre and currently going into the 2022 European Athletics Championships tracks in Munich, were covered by a new international naming convention from 13 June 2022.

Distributed in the UK by CMS Danskin Acoustics, REGUPOL products are specified worldwide for their noise and vibration reduction properties, chiefly in flooring applications, in construction sectors including sports flooring, residential schemes, hotels, education, health, auditoria, retail and industrial.
A sustainable product, REGUPOL is manufactured in Germany from recycled tyres. Typically, REGUPOL products consist of between 75-95% recycled materials and they are fully recyclable.

The newly named REGUPOL product portfolios, REGUPOL sonus core, REGUPOL sonus multi, REGUPOL sonus eco, REGUPOL sonus curve, REGUPOL sound, REGUPOL comfort, REGUFOAM vibration, and REGUPOL sonusfit, include multiple grades of material and can be used in multiple combinations for varied acoustic and anti-vibration applications. The new uniform referencing across the world will make life easier for specifiers, says UK REGUPOL consultant Jamie Symons.

‘With unison between all product lines and all countries from June 2022, sharing product data and test reports internationally will be more straightforward,’ Symons said. ‘This synchronising initiative also reflects REGUPOL’s position today as a global market leader in acoustic and vibration solutions using recycled rubber.’

The new product names and updated product data is now available via CMS Danskin Acoustic’s website. Mark Metcalfe, CMS Danskin’s national commercial manager, said, ‘REGUPOL is used all over the world and many of our clients – architects, acousticians, structural engineers, and contractors, work internationally. Now, whether they are working on a project in the UK, US, or Middle East, they’ll be able to benefit from evidence and experience from successful REGUPOL applications globally.’

High profile installations in the UK include The Shard, where 16,000sq m of REGUPOL was applied over 42 floors. More recently, CMS Danskin Acoustics worked with architects and contractors to design and incorporate REGUPOL acoustic layers into the UK’s largest single-phase build-to-rent development Nine Elms Parkside, a scheme consisting of 894 apartments in two blocks of 10-17 storeys, which residents are beginning to occupy this year.

Commenting, REGUPOL’s vice president Niels Poppel said, ‘The REGUPOL brand is a promise to pursue first class solutions worldwide and to deliver them.’ REGUPOL’s MD Rainer Poppel added, ‘REGUPOL is definitely a company with a future, because sustainable business plus the best possible protection for the environment will be even more important in the future. Together we can make the world a little better.’

CMS Danskin Acoustics develops bespoke acoustic insulation strategies and isolation concepts for challenging vibration scenarios. Part of SIG plc, CMS Danskin Acoustics produces and sources insulation products, advising on all matters relating to sound proofing materials and noise reduction strategies, including floors, ceilings and walls, to combat airborne and impact noise.

Other notable CMS Danskin Acoustics projects include the Bank of England and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

REGUPOL BSW GmbH, which makes products from high-quality recycled rubber and other elastic recycled components, is a pioneer in the circular economy. Founded in 1954, it’s one of the leading providers of sports floors, impact sound insulation, vibration insulation, impact protection flooring and structural protection mats and membranes. The group has four factories in Germany and subsidiaries in the US, Australia, Shanghai, the UAE, and Switzerland. Projects include the Tour Odeon in Monaco, the European Parliament in Luxemburg, the Grand Mosque Djamaa el Djazair in Algeria, and the Royal Atlantis in Dubai.

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